martes, 10 de julio de 2012

A multiresolution tool and a personal goodbye

In this post we´d like to show a short tutorial on how to use the new multiresolution tool that is included in the latest build of the 3D extension for gvSIG 2.0. We can see how working with a huge dataset of points can be very taxing for the performance, making the system unresponsive and difficult to work. This new tool allows us to massively improve the performance with a very small hit on visual quality. We hope this tool can be useful for you!

I´d like to use this post also as a personal goodbye. It´s been a fantastic time here working in the AI2. Who´d had said I´d be working here for so long when I joined the team as an intern to work on my Final Project 5!! years ago?
Time passes quickly and now it´s the moment to move on and try new challenges. Here I have worked with an amazing group of people and I´d like to have some words for each of them:

-Rafa Gaitan, you are probably the most talented person I´ve had the chance to meet. As a boss, you´ve been always very helpful and understanding, knowing how to get the best of all of us. I´ll never thank you enough for the countless times you have helped me to solve problems in a matter of minutes that it´d taken me days.

-Jordi Torres, you had a tough job when you inherited Rafa´s position within the team, but you knew how to keep the unity in the team and have become a brilliant team leader in the end. I really appreciate the hard work you have been doing to keep this boat afloat in this difficult moments. The group is in good hands as long as you´re there.

-Maria Ten: You were the first to leave us some months ago, but even so, whenever we have needed your help you´ll find the time for it. I know it must´ve been a little hard to be the only girl around here, even if you won´t admit it. It was a pleasure to work with you!

-Leonardo Salom: We have never worked in the same project, but we´ve shared each other´s successes and frustrations. I want to thank your support in the difficult moments, as you´ve always been there.

-Javier Lluch: Thanks for giving me the oportunity to work here and thanks for trying to keep the group as long as has been possible. Congratulations for your new job!

-Jorge Izquierdo: The last to arrive and altough we haven´t worked in the same project, I enjoyed our conversations about technology, videogames, etc (politics not so much, hehehe) I think you are very capable person, with the right attitude you´ll do great.

I´d like to mention too some people from the AI2 with whom I´ve had very good moments; Enrique Medina, David Anes, Eduard Martorell, Joan Blasco, Marcos Martí, Oscar Ripollés and José Luis Hidalgo.

To end this post, I´d like to say that even thougth I leave this job, I´ve been assigned as Mantainer of the 3D Extension for gvSIG 2.0, so I´ll still be part of the gvSIG project for the time being.

Good bye everyone and keep the good job!

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  1. Awesome work! very impressive! and good luck with your career ;)

  2. It is a pleasure to work with you too, so I hope we can work together again in new projects. Enjoy your holidays, XD.

  3. Jesús, you know we are missing you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You are an excellent team player and a pretty good fellow. I hope we will see each other again in the way.

    Good luck in your new projects, and enjoy your holydays!!