viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

New build of gvSIG 3D (number 1) for gvSIG 2.0 -- Codename "TITANIC"

We are pleased to announce a new build of gvSIG3D for gvSIG 2.0, available in [1]. You can download the package and install it from the addons manager. This version is ready to work with build 2048 of gvSIG 2.0 and probably with future builds.

This development has been possible thanks to Prodevelop and  the project España Virtual.

This time we'd like to thank to Miguel Montesinos, Nacho Brodín, and Viqui Agazzi. They walked with us this path.

But specially I want to remark the great work of Jesús Zarzoso, developer in charge of merging the code between osgVirtualPlanets and gvSIG. Well done Jesús!!
Among the new features, we shall emphasize:
* Big refactor of osgVirtualPlanets, the core of gvSIG 3D.
* 3D extension code from scratch.
* Lidar reading support (.las).
* Citygml reading support (.citygml)(see the video).
* Multiresolution capacities ( see the video ).
* New 3D symbology framework (see the video).
* New render system using shaders and avoiding the fixed pipeline. (see the video)
* netCDF raster and vectorial support. (see the video)
* Tile raster cache integration with gvSIG -raster libraries.

These development versions are oriented to test and evaluate new functionalities of gvSIG, so it's not recommended to use it in a production environment. Please consider that it is an alpha release so don't expect it to be very stable.


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  1. A quick note to inform that Windows package is already upload. Enjoy it!