viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

WIP: 3D extension on gvSIG 2.0

Hi all!

Just before the gvSIG 3D team goes away on vacations, we'd like to show you a sample of one line of work that has been in development for the last few months. Since the release of gvSIG 2.0 is getting closer, we decided to start the process of adapting gvSIG 3D to this new version in the scope of the España Virtual project.

As some of you may know, gvSIG 2.0 is not just an iteration of the 1.x branch, therefore changes have been made to the core of the application that doesn't make the task of porting our extension a trivial job.
In this post we would like to make a little summary of the tasks that have been already finished, and those that are still in development.

Finished tasks:
  • Adapted the building system and dependencies.
  • Changed the projects architecture to match the gvSIG 2.0 requirements.
  • Document View3D available from the Project Manager. Creates and customizes spherical and flat planet views.
  • Loading of raster and rasterized vectorial layers.
  • Integration of the gvSIG 3D tools. Navigation modes, stereo and fullscreen visualization, etc.
In progress:
  • Adapt the extension to work with osgVP 3.0.
  • Use the cache system of the new raster libraries.
  • Analyze and integrate the new symbology framework from osgVP and gvSIG.
  • Modify the persistence mechanism to match the new requirements.
  • Integrate the load and edition of OSG layers.

Finally, in the next video, you can see gvSIG 3D running on top of the latest build (2030) of gvSIG 2.0.

Keep in mind that the status of the project is still of early alpha, therefore there isn't a binary distribution to download yet.

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Coming soon: PostGIS 3D!!

Hi all,

We are really happy to announce this new feature. A part form being a nice improvement it has something special... it comes from the community!

The author of the patch is Jose Carlos Martinez-LLario from DICGF at UPV. He is very skilled in spatial database development, in fact he owns a very promising project called JASPA. We have to mention Fran Peñarrubia and Nicklas Aven, they helped too in testing and integration of the patch.

So...Thank you very much guys!

The patch is already commited in the trunk of gvSIG 1.1x and it will be available in gvSIG 1.12 version. This patch does not change anything in gvSIG 3D, the changes are applied to the core of gvSIG so the same version of 3D extension (codename "BladeRunner") should work with postGIS 3D.

Next video is a demo of postGIS 3D running in gvSIG 3D. We'll do some tutorial when gvSIG 1.12 becomes available.