lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Hasta la vista amigos!!

After many years working in this project, we finally have to say goodbye. We, sadly and definitely, have run out of funds to continue the development of gvSIG 3D. We have had very good moments in these years, and we want to thank to all the people involved in this project and the people who helped us along this time.

First of all to Javier Lluch, the director of the project, thanks for being always worried about us and for giving us the oportunity to demostrate our capacities. Also thanks for trying to keep the group as long as possible.

Also to the people of the team who have been part of this project since the beginning. María Ten, Jesús Zarzoso, Leo Salom and Rafa Gaitán: you have been the blood of the project, good luck with your careers!

We also would like to express our gratitude to the entities that collaborated with us along this years: CIT, Iver Technologies, Prodevelop, Deimos, IGN/CNIG and the gvSIG association. 

Finally we want to thank their commitment to José Luis Miñana, Julio Campos, Salva Bayarri, Ángel Fraile, Jorge Piera, Nacho Brodín, Miguel Montesinos, Viqui Agazzi, Jorge Sanz, Fran Peñarrubia, Jesús Palomar, César Martínez, Vicente Caballero, Chevi Higón, Paqui Mercadé, Antonio Rodríguez, Álvaro Anguix, Mario Carrera, Manuel Madrid, Gabi Carrión, Joaquín José del Cerro, César Ordiñana and all the people involved in one way or another in the development of gvSIG 3D.

This blog will be discontinued, but it will remain on the net for the sake of the community. Of course, we will continue giving support as much as we can in the gvsig lists. 

We are now developing other projects, in fact we are inmersed in the development of a new 3D GIS library, in collaboration with Mirage Technologies, called mworld3D geared towards mobile environments. It will run in Android and iOS devices as well as in desktop environments.

Our final words must go to the gvSIG community, please keep growing and stay resilient, thanks for being there. 
Hasta la vista amigos!!!

Jordi Torres.

The gvSIG 3D team

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  1. It has been both a privilege and a huge pleasure to work with you in some projects. Good luck in your next goals and I hope to collaborate again with you in a future.


  2. César Martínez Izquierdo4 de septiembre de 2012, 4:21

    Thanks for you effort all this time and good luck. I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate again in some future project!

    And all the best for gvSIG3D!!

  3. Before anything, thanks you so much, by your contribution to foss4g and especially to gvSIG project.
    I really hope this be more than a 'goodbye' an 'see you soon'.

    Antes de nada, muchas gracias por su contribución al FOSS4G y especialmente a gvSIG proyecto.
    Realmente espero que esto sea más que un 'adiós' un 'hasta pronto'.

  4. Hola a todos.

    It has been a real pleasure to work with you. Talent and good sense of humour, good mixture :-)

    I'm sure this is not the last we work together, so, see you later!!

    Thanks for your very good work.


  5. Ha sido muy gratificante haber conseguido reunir un grupo de trabajo tan bueno, una lástima que las actuales circunstancias no hayan permitido su continuidad.
    Muchas gracias a tod@s por haber llevado este proyecto a lo más alto y por el buen rollo que siempre ha caracterizado al grupo, compañeros de trabajos y sin embargo amigos ;)

  6. I'm very proud to have brought together a working group as well, it's a shame that current circumstances have not allowed their continuity.
    Thank you very much to everyone for bringing this project to the top and the good feeling that has always characterized the group, work colleagues and friends

  7. It's a pity that gvsig3d will be discontinued, but i'm sure that you will be very luck in your next projects.

  8. Thank you all for your comments! I wish to see you again, maybe drinking some beers :)