viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Last workshop of "España Virtual" project

Hi all,

We just came back from the last workshop of "España Virtual" CENIT project. It was held at IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional) headquarters in Madrid. We saw very interesting and high-level presentations from the members of this project, and we tried to do our best in our turn showing our last developments... :).

We were glad to see gvSIG and specially gvSIG 3D being used in very different scenarios, from scientific visualization to building representations.

From this blog we want to thank all this people (administration, companies and universities) for making this project possible and for pushing gvSIG and gvSIG 3D.

We'd like to thank to Prodevelop for trusting us in this adventure. Specially to Nacho Brodín, Viqui Agazzi and Miguel Montesinos. Also thanks to the people of Deimos for their patience and their great work coordinating this project (specially to Jorge Blanco, Miguel Lizondo and Carlos Fernandez).

We will show some of the work done in the scope of this project in future posts.

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