miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

AI2 3D Viz group capabilities

Hi all,

Here we are after the 7th International gvSIG Conference. We were glad to see the interest demonstrated by the audience to our seminar.

We are very grateful to the project España Virtual, Prodevelop, CNIG and the gvSIG association for their support so far. But now the ai2 team is in trouble due to the lack of funding. As you probably know, the downturn has a very negative impact on R&D teams. We want to continue developing gvSIG 3D, osgVirtualPlanets and any new challenges proposed.
The following video shows the capabilities of our team. Some of the features showcased in the video have been developed in the scope of gvSIG 3D. Others are prototypes or research projects we are working on. Our expertise is in 3D GIS visualization for desktop and mobile environments, also in OpenSceneGraph. So if you are interested in contributing in any manner contact us.

Enjoy the video and switch on your speakers!

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