viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Patch to load cityGML models in gvSIG 1.11 + 3D extension

Hi community!

We are working again after a great holydays. This time we want to share with you our advances in the scope of the Project "España Virtual". For this reason we have done a backport for gvSIG 1.11 of a new feature we are working on: to load cityGML models.

The implementation is based on the library libcitygml[1]. This open source project is still in development and we'd like to thank to Joachim Pouderoux (the main developer) for his kindly help. 

The work is in progress, but we think it is a good moment to let the community to test this new feature. The patch is only available for linux (we expect to upload the patch for windows in a few days) and the instructions to install it are very simple:
  1. Download the file for your Operating System from[2]
  2. Make sure you have installed gvSIG-1.11[3] and the final release of 3D extension[4].  
  3. Extract the compressed file in the folder you installed gvSIG-1.11, overwriting the folders bin and libs.
  4. Run gvSIG 1.11 and follow the next video tutorial! :)

Important note: cityGML files must be renamed as .citygml, otherwise the osg loader won't be able to load the models.


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  3. Hi Vidhya,

    It looks like you didn't success with the installation. Make sure you have and osgPlugins-2.8.3/ in gvSIG_1.11.0_final/libs. You have to add this libraries to this folders, but don't remove the libraries that already exists in this folder. Merge them.

    BTW I can't edit teh comments, only remove them. I think you can remove your own comments.


  4. Thanks for that. I tried that,however I do get the same error.


    P.S I am unable to remove or edit the comment. I think only the owner can do it.

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  6. Hi again,

    There are only two options: or your citygml file is not supported or not correct, or your installation is not completed right. So check out with more files (of the citygml project for example) or doublecheck the installation instructions.

    Sorry, I cannot add anything more :(.

    I just erased your comment with your email.