martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

cityGML patch for windows

Hi again!

Here it is the patch for windows. As we said in the previous post the implementation is based on the library libcitygml[1]. This open source project is still in development and we'd like to thank to Joachim Pouderoux (the main developer) for his kindly help. 

The work is in progress, but we think it is a good moment to let the community to test this new feature. The patch is now available for linux and windows. The instructions to install it in windows are the following -also available in a README.txt file- (see [2] to install in linux):
  1. Download the file for your Operating System from[3]
  2. Make sure you have installed gvSIG-1.11[4] and the final release of 3D extension[5].   
  3. Unzip the patch into a temporal directory.
  4. Copy bin directory into your gvSIG installation directory,  usually located at: C:\Program Files\gvSIG_1.X.X\
  5. 3) Copy the content of Java directory into your current Java VM directory: 
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0.X\
  6. Run gvSIG 1.11 and follow the videotutorial[2]
Important note: If you have different Java VM installed in your system 
you can check if the folder jre1.X.X/bin has a subfolder called osgPlugins-2.8.3 
to check the correct version (the one used by gvSIG and the 3D extension). 
In addition, some windows systems need administrator privileges to overwrite this files.


8 comentarios:

  1. Hi gvSIG3D-Team
    first thanks for the great work even though it is not running on my system ;) I followed the tutorials, but when I want to add the citygml-file i got this error message:

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Node to add is Null.

    Got a long Error-Tail mostly with (Unknown Source) errors on all the events. Is there any file, where I must add the path to the folder of my citygml-dataset? Thanks for any help! Felix

  2. Hi Felix,

    First of all thanks for testing this feature! :). Can you send your citygml file and your gvsig.log to gvsig3d-at-gmail-dot-com? If we are able to reproduce this error maybe we can fix it.

    Also you can contact us in gvSIG international lists.


  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. hi
    I have the same error as Anónimo Please Jordi Torres if you have solved his problem Can you help me.
    thanks for any help :)

  5. Hi babou,

    It is preferable to discuss this problem in gvSIG international lists, to not repeat the solution for each user. Anyway the problem probably is in the installation of the native libraries of the patch. As is said in the readme.txt file added in the patch folder:

    "3) Copy the content of Java directory into your current Java VM directory:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0.X\

    NOTE: If you have different Java VM installed in your system
    you can check if the directory bin has a directory called osgPlugins-2.8.3
    to check the correct version (the one used by gvSIG and the 3D extension).
    In addition, some Windows systems need administrator privileges to overwrite this files."

    So at the end you need to identify which Java are you running with gvSIG and copy the libraries in the right place.

    If you don't manage to solve this, please contact us in gvSIG international list.


  6. Hey babou

    make sure you've copied ALL the data from osgPlugins in your jre/bin-folder. In my case I've dropped the osgPlugin-Folder there, but inside only one dll was copied. I fixed that and afterwards it worked.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi Felix and babou,

    In fact only one dll has to be copied in osgPlugins folder, osgdb_citygml. But you have to merge it with other libraries,do not replace the folder!!