lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Hasta la vista amigos!!

After many years working in this project, we finally have to say goodbye. We, sadly and definitely, have run out of funds to continue the development of gvSIG 3D. We have had very good moments in these years, and we want to thank to all the people involved in this project and the people who helped us along this time.

First of all to Javier Lluch, the director of the project, thanks for being always worried about us and for giving us the oportunity to demostrate our capacities. Also thanks for trying to keep the group as long as possible.

Also to the people of the team who have been part of this project since the beginning. María Ten, Jesús Zarzoso, Leo Salom and Rafa Gaitán: you have been the blood of the project, good luck with your careers!

We also would like to express our gratitude to the entities that collaborated with us along this years: CIT, Iver Technologies, Prodevelop, Deimos, IGN/CNIG and the gvSIG association. 

Finally we want to thank their commitment to José Luis Miñana, Julio Campos, Salva Bayarri, Ángel Fraile, Jorge Piera, Nacho Brodín, Miguel Montesinos, Viqui Agazzi, Jorge Sanz, Fran Peñarrubia, Jesús Palomar, César Martínez, Vicente Caballero, Chevi Higón, Paqui Mercadé, Antonio Rodríguez, Álvaro Anguix, Mario Carrera, Manuel Madrid, Gabi Carrión, Joaquín José del Cerro, César Ordiñana and all the people involved in one way or another in the development of gvSIG 3D.

This blog will be discontinued, but it will remain on the net for the sake of the community. Of course, we will continue giving support as much as we can in the gvsig lists. 

We are now developing other projects, in fact we are inmersed in the development of a new 3D GIS library, in collaboration with Mirage Technologies, called mworld3D geared towards mobile environments. It will run in Android and iOS devices as well as in desktop environments.

Our final words must go to the gvSIG community, please keep growing and stay resilient, thanks for being there. 
Hasta la vista amigos!!!

Jordi Torres.

The gvSIG 3D team

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

A multiresolution tool and a personal goodbye

In this post we´d like to show a short tutorial on how to use the new multiresolution tool that is included in the latest build of the 3D extension for gvSIG 2.0. We can see how working with a huge dataset of points can be very taxing for the performance, making the system unresponsive and difficult to work. This new tool allows us to massively improve the performance with a very small hit on visual quality. We hope this tool can be useful for you!

I´d like to use this post also as a personal goodbye. It´s been a fantastic time here working in the AI2. Who´d had said I´d be working here for so long when I joined the team as an intern to work on my Final Project 5!! years ago?
Time passes quickly and now it´s the moment to move on and try new challenges. Here I have worked with an amazing group of people and I´d like to have some words for each of them:

-Rafa Gaitan, you are probably the most talented person I´ve had the chance to meet. As a boss, you´ve been always very helpful and understanding, knowing how to get the best of all of us. I´ll never thank you enough for the countless times you have helped me to solve problems in a matter of minutes that it´d taken me days.

-Jordi Torres, you had a tough job when you inherited Rafa´s position within the team, but you knew how to keep the unity in the team and have become a brilliant team leader in the end. I really appreciate the hard work you have been doing to keep this boat afloat in this difficult moments. The group is in good hands as long as you´re there.

-Maria Ten: You were the first to leave us some months ago, but even so, whenever we have needed your help you´ll find the time for it. I know it must´ve been a little hard to be the only girl around here, even if you won´t admit it. It was a pleasure to work with you!

-Leonardo Salom: We have never worked in the same project, but we´ve shared each other´s successes and frustrations. I want to thank your support in the difficult moments, as you´ve always been there.

-Javier Lluch: Thanks for giving me the oportunity to work here and thanks for trying to keep the group as long as has been possible. Congratulations for your new job!

-Jorge Izquierdo: The last to arrive and altough we haven´t worked in the same project, I enjoyed our conversations about technology, videogames, etc (politics not so much, hehehe) I think you are very capable person, with the right attitude you´ll do great.

I´d like to mention too some people from the AI2 with whom I´ve had very good moments; Enrique Medina, David Anes, Eduard Martorell, Joan Blasco, Marcos Martí, Oscar Ripollés and José Luis Hidalgo.

To end this post, I´d like to say that even thougth I leave this job, I´ve been assigned as Mantainer of the 3D Extension for gvSIG 2.0, so I´ll still be part of the gvSIG project for the time being.

Good bye everyone and keep the good job!

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

New build of gvSIG 3D (number 1) for gvSIG 2.0 -- Codename "TITANIC"

We are pleased to announce a new build of gvSIG3D for gvSIG 2.0, available in [1]. You can download the package and install it from the addons manager. This version is ready to work with build 2048 of gvSIG 2.0 and probably with future builds.

This development has been possible thanks to Prodevelop and  the project España Virtual.

This time we'd like to thank to Miguel Montesinos, Nacho Brodín, and Viqui Agazzi. They walked with us this path.

But specially I want to remark the great work of Jesús Zarzoso, developer in charge of merging the code between osgVirtualPlanets and gvSIG. Well done Jesús!!
Among the new features, we shall emphasize:
* Big refactor of osgVirtualPlanets, the core of gvSIG 3D.
* 3D extension code from scratch.
* Lidar reading support (.las).
* Citygml reading support (.citygml)(see the video).
* Multiresolution capacities ( see the video ).
* New 3D symbology framework (see the video).
* New render system using shaders and avoiding the fixed pipeline. (see the video)
* netCDF raster and vectorial support. (see the video)
* Tile raster cache integration with gvSIG -raster libraries.

These development versions are oriented to test and evaluate new functionalities of gvSIG, so it's not recommended to use it in a production environment. Please consider that it is an alpha release so don't expect it to be very stable.


jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

gvSIG 3D Training Course in Valencia

Hi all,

We will be teaching a gvSIG advanced course next month of June. It will be held in the Politechnical University of Valencia. The topics are Sextante, 3D  and animation extension.

It will be in spanish and in collaboration with professor Jesús Palomar from EdugvSIG blog.

You can see all the information here:


miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Massive LiDAR data in gvSIG 3D!!!

Hi all,

This is the last video we did for España Virtual Workshop. It shows gvSIG 3D and osgVirtualPlanets drawing massive vectorial data without losing render performance using multiresolution and memory pagination techniques.

This work has been done in the scope of the Ph.D. thesis of Rafa Gaitán, so a lot of kudos to him!! The video speaks for itself...

miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

improvements in 3D symbology

Hi Community,

Following video shows the improvements we are doing in symbology for gvSIG 3D in gvSIG 2.0 series. We added a new symbology panel (still in development) for 3D symbols. Now you can symbolize your layers with simple markers, picture markers, 3D objects and particle systems... :)

These advances came with "España Virtual" Project, and right now we are working towards an alpha release of the 3D extension for gvSIG 2.0.

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Last workshop of "España Virtual" project

Hi all,

We just came back from the last workshop of "España Virtual" CENIT project. It was held at IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional) headquarters in Madrid. We saw very interesting and high-level presentations from the members of this project, and we tried to do our best in our turn showing our last developments... :).

We were glad to see gvSIG and specially gvSIG 3D being used in very different scenarios, from scientific visualization to building representations.

From this blog we want to thank all this people (administration, companies and universities) for making this project possible and for pushing gvSIG and gvSIG 3D.

We'd like to thank to Prodevelop for trusting us in this adventure. Specially to Nacho Brodín, Viqui Agazzi and Miguel Montesinos. Also thanks to the people of Deimos for their patience and their great work coordinating this project (specially to Jorge Blanco, Miguel Lizondo and Carlos Fernandez).

We will show some of the work done in the scope of this project in future posts.